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The smart and simple way to create and track pediatric chemotherapy orders.

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By simplifying your order writing process, you can spend your time where you're needed most - with your patients.

SmartChemo is the ultimate software solution for your oncology practice. You can dramatically improve the efficiency of your practice in 2 easy steps:

1. Use the protocol creation wizard to enter protocol templates.

SmartChemo's flexible design allows you to enter all types of chemotherapy protocols for all types of patients, including pediatric, breast, colon, lung, gynecologic and more.

2. Use the templates to create orders for each of your patients.

Each protocol template allows you to create orders for multiple patients. Individualized orders will take into consideration factors such as patient age, height, weight, and serum creatinine.

  • Fully hosted pediatric oncology
    Fully hosted, Easy to Setup

    SmartChemo is a fully-hosted, web-based service. There is no need to install, maintain or support any software. Your web browser and user account allows you to manage orders and track patients from anywhere - the office, the clinic, the hospital - even from home!

  • Secure pediatric oncology

    SmartChemo servers are PCI compliant and use SSL encryption so your patient information will remain confidential and secure. All this without even a phone call to your IT department.

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Pediatric Specific Features

  • Screenshots - Age Based Dosing
    Age Based Dosing

    Automatically calculate dose based on patient's birthday

  • Screenshots - Uneven Dosing
    Uneven Dosing

    Automatically calculate individual doses based on total weekly or daily dose

  • Screenshots - IV Infusions
    IV Infusions

    Automatically calculate volume, rate and time of IV drugs and hydrations

  • Screenshots - Reference Materials
    Reference Materials

    Automatically attach roadmaps and other reference material to order sets

Additional Services

These services may result in additional costs, and may require the assistance of personnel at your
institution in order to fully implement. Contact us for details.

  • Protocol Creation Services Protocol Creation Services

    Our protocol creation specialists can help you create your templates.

  • Custom Order Forms Custom Order Forms

    Orders can be customized to include your logo and signature lines.

  • Remote Training Remote Training

    One-on-one remote training
    sessions are available.

  • EHR Integration EHR Integration

    We can help you to create a workflow between SmartChemo and your EHR.

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